Homeland Amazing Scene


Homeland Season 7 Episode 3 “Standoff”

Well you might wondering why I brought up this particular episode in season 7 of tv series “Homeland”. Like any other episodes in the movie, it’s always interesting when you watch Carrie (the prime star of the movie) getting her life straight as it is a hard thing to do since she had a lot on her plate. It’s hard as it is as a bipolar person to keep her life intact, not to mention her job as an operative of major government agency. Having a family on your own is already impossible to be “normal”. Especially when she had a daughter on her own. Crazy as it is , Claire Danes did a pretty good job to make us understand what bipolar would do to a person’s life. I even get to understand what “bipolar” is from this movie series.


Maybe you’re not into this kind of movie, but for lots of people, who would like to understand how the government works in the politics and the national security affairs, this series is the real as it’s gets. Even they can show us how people affected by the decision of a government policies. It’s not a pretty picture and a lot of gruesome things that some people could not or refused to accepted as it is had to be done. It’s twisted and it’s getting you realized that there are lots of sacrificed to be made to make your life comfort as it is now. Freedom is something that you can take for granted, there are lots of elements to make it happened. Whether you like it or not, we should be thankful for those who fight for your freedom in your country, they are the true patriots, and lot of times they are not recognizable, they could not be in the public spotlight as it’s a dangerous thing to have, and the risk is too high.

One of the best actress besides Claire Danes, is Elizabeth Marvel that play the role of the President of The United States, Elizabeth Keane. The cast of this series is very good, She can really played the role, cold and strict and I really liked the character, she is very good in the role and always interesting to watch what’s her next moves. Seriously you need to see it for yourself and tell me if it is perfect or not.

In the end scene of season 7 episodes 3, I saw a very beautiful scene that is unusual, it’s surprisingly makes me wow.. literally I gasp wow… It’s the best scene I ever see from the entire seasons of the series. It’s when Carrie needs some air as she going with her “friend” Dante Allen, she got out of the car , talk a bit about her messed up life as she worried that her daughter could be in trouble because of what she does for a living, worried that child protective services could take her daughter away. Then she sit there in the pavement with Dante, and then there you go, the camera zooming out.. The view is very amazing, I could not describe it but I can show you here (courtesy of Showtime Networks). Tell me that you feel the same wow as I did.