Gout Attack On Your Feet

It’s been 2 days that I did not write at all. It happened to all writers I guess. The problem is not about I running out of idea of what am I about to write but mostly because I got sick, got this gout on my feet and it hurt like hell. Well constantly feels the pain and you can literally feel your heart pulse on the swelling. That’s so annoying, can not think, can not concentrate, every time I move my feet, it hurts to the bone , it’s a bad experience to people who had gout. The swelling start above my left toe, and in the second day (after I put some ice on it) the swelling move to the top of my feet. I still managed to walk like a crippled but that’s what you have to endured when having so many activity. Even my doctor friend told me to take some rest, still I can not just stay in bed. It’s just not me at all.
So here are some recap for dealing with gout. First, try to put some ice and compressed the swelling, keep at it around 20-30 minutes. Second, try to avoid food and drinks that is not triggered up the uric acid level in your blood (avoid red meat, fried food, fish and other seafood because they had a lot of purine , which the cause of high level uric acid and triggered the gout). Just drink a lot of mineral water, milk is okay , and hell yes it’s okay to drink coffee (without sugar). Avoid drinks alcohol and soda or any sugar contained drinks. Oh.. tea is alright also. Drink a lot of water even though you will pee a lot ,that’s the idea anyway to push the crystal in the gout out through your urine. As for the swelling, try to put some salve on it to relieved the pain such as voltaren or heparin. I did not take ibuprofen etc because the side effect is not worth it (could cause hypertension etc). It will take longer to heal without the anti inflammation drug, but I prefer natural remedy such as tea and supplement (natural based) for anti inflammation. Remember not every people have the same condition, some want a quick recovery, but I prefer to slow but natural healing process.
Right this time I write this, the gout still there but the pain is not as hurt as before. I expect it will soon be full recovered. At least I could concentrate on my writing and my works. But don’t push yourself to hard to walk far. Try to keep it less distanced than the usual. I’m restricting myself to go to the meeting that is far away. I cancelled the event or have someone else to attend it. It’s a bit sucks but that’s for the best and more faster healing for my feet.
Do not worry that sometimes other than sickness will stop you from writing. Just stay focus and keep on writing when you can. Sometimes it’s because of your routine or your jobs and sometimes it just laziness or not in the mood. But the last two are about mindset, you can eliminate those two if you stay focus on your goal which are having sustainable online income and freedom. When you want thousands of dollars from your blog you should keep going.