Blogging with Music

Music always be my companion along the journey of writing posts. Not just music with songs , sometimes I just like to hear the ambience sound of a coffee shop. When we are not in the coffee shop, we can just listened to the sound from youtube or mp3 player listening to the café sounds. There are lots of it free on the web so it’s not hard to bring the café to us.
The ambience sound of coffee shop is quite relaxing. To me, writing in silence never works for me. My brain creativity always synchronized with music or sounds of the surrounding. It makes my brain works flow more better. Ever watched Vin Diesel in the fast and furious doing outdoor activity with music in his ears. Or you often see people do jogging or workout with earphone attach to their ears ? That’s just the same thing.
It may not works for everybody but for majority of people it’s a better way to keep your mind more focus on what you want to do or think on. I share this for people that easily distracted by their surroundings. It works for me as well as it may works for some of you. Especially if we don’t know what to write. It certainly help to get your brain works more creatively.
The logic of this is, our creative brain is on the right side ,music is an art and it will triggered well with the right side of our brain to be more creative. You can not push your creative side of your brain by keeping yourself in a closed room and not hear anything. It just doesn’t work for many people. Just like a painter like to get creative outdoor. Make a painting on the street or near the beach.
Even this post I wrote is in the coffee shop that I used to go. With a cup of hot coffee and a good music and the ambience sound of people talking and doing their activity makes me more relaxed. I can write better without being stuck. Even when I’m alone.