Get Your Coffee

About coffee, it’s more likely similar to the process of making money online, to know which is better to monetized the blog we need to get our feet wet or you can say you have to take a sip of the coffee to know is it good or not. So in the beginning before I started making posts for blog, I have tried to do some digging myself, from get paid to programs and also money game etc which they ask us to invest some money to make more money, well it did not worked for me (it all go down to the toilet). Some programs just stay for as long as months and disappeared the next month (what a waste) . What is bad is not the programs is gone but it will drained your mental state on making money online. Makes you desperate and eventually gave up on the quest. I’ve been there years ago. But I still believe in the businesses.  The business of getting my assets online. So if you feel on giving up, try not to by reading motivational materials, there are many examples on how to deal keeping up your enthusiastic on the journey.
Not easy though , I even want to get back searching for jobs etc. It crossed my mind that maybe for some people, making money online is only for some lucky people but not for me. That’s the bad thought anyway. Only quitters did that and I think I’m not that person, at least I don’t want to give up , yet. And in the journey to financial freedom I had to keep going. My family is at stake here and I refused to giving up. And then it keep coming every successful programs and teaching out there. A distraction to your focus (that’s what I think) because when I tried again to search for a better methods to make money online, there goes hundreds of offers out there, telling you to enter their programs that promised you that you can succeeded in their programs. And again there goes the payment button below their crap. It’s not their fault anyway, that just one methods to be success selling knowledge. But to me it’s just another distraction.
Honest people will tell you that you should avoid those distractions along the way. Distract you from a method you are doing at the moment and make you start over again. It’s very tiring and drained your mental down. Because many times it just don’t work for you. I’ve been there also. Repeated again and again. My goal is to find mentor that truly want to help you succeed but till this day I have not found one. I learned from reading ebooks etc and I collected lots of junks, and many methods on making money online from amazon to ebay to clickbank and so on.. and I come to conclusion that I should tried my own way combined with parts from their experiences. So frustrating that was for me.
Major point on making money online is obvious traffic and conversion. That just it. If you got lots of traffic , monetizing it will be easy. There are lots of ways to monetized things online. But if you are looking for long term success, we need to make a website or lot of websites. This is a must. Even when they say we don’t need one, that only works for some small window of time, it’s not long term. And you will be tired making new website (again). Trust me, I keep seeing broken links to websites that is not available anymore (even when the content is good) because the people who make that already gone to making other websites. How many times you encountered that. I found there are lots of it. Lots of abandoned websites. That just it, it happened to many people trying to keep doing it the wrong way. I think that’s one of many things making me realized to keep doing it and be there to stay, making assets that stay for good and for as long as I wanted to succeed. So I keep posting and learn to write more often. I choose to make a blog as a way to keep my “ soon to be “ assets alive.
So if you choose to make blog like I did, you are in the right place. Doesn’t matter if it just a simple blog or complicated websites as long as you are there to stay.