Writing As A Difficult Task To Do

I like coffee, morning coffee will brighten up your day. Even I start drinking coffee only after graduated from university but it’s become a habit. First I thought that sweet taste of coffee (coffee with sugar) is the image I got from it, now it has changed, I started having it with no sugar and really enjoyed a quality coffee, I can’t drink the usual coffee anymore (thanks to my friend who introduced me to how enjoying coffee as a coffee). Funny thing is, the bitter taste of coffee is more delicious than when I started drinking it with sugar. And now I can start tell the difference between many types of coffee.
I’m telling you this because that’s how I begin to enjoyed writing. I hate writing actually. I can write and make a good story by writing it or telling it literally without difficulties whatsoever, my prime language is above average (people said that I can write a great letter / making descriptions about something). But still writing for blogs is something I don’t enjoyed at first. (This is one of several writings I’ve done so don’t bother if it still a lot of crap in it). Never in my intention to make you bored or anything. Just want to show people how I can write even when I hate it.
Don’t think about put in many links on your writings, it will get easier later. Just write what you feel what you have in mind , sometimes it’s okay to used bad language or cursing a bit just to make you honest about things you write. While I write something, I keep in mind that my goal is to make money out of this. (Blogging or online businesses depends on how you see it). Nobody told me on how to start writing and how you come to enjoyed it. They just tell you points of writing without the exact thing. What makes me start doing this Is because I see a lot of people making huge income just by writing a blog. My mind telling me that if those people are gaining huge amount of money why can’t I get the same or even better.  And the second that my mind telling me is that we should just copied it. Meaning to copied what they did. And after reading and searching through a lot of sites and ebooks, still it end up with writing your own thoughts.
Starting my blog I tried to make a news blog. Tried to curated content even copied the articles from other news sites and put it up in one blog (make another news site with focus on several topics) turn out it did not worked well. I make some websites (blogs) and that is why I suggested you get the hosting that can host unlimited websites in the first place, to tried making not only one sites but several just to make sure you understand that making one is easy without spending more cost on hosting, just for the domain name.
If it still a crap writing, like this one, it’s okay. Just keep doing it. One day you will remember this time as a great starting point. I believed that anyway. Nobody start an expert always once a newbie. So I don’t really care whether people will like to read my posts or not. For me it’s a progress. Even making building from lego needs one brick at a time.
Well if it helps I also tries several methods at first with supporting apps (programs) like dragon naturally speaking and other speech to text programs just to make it easier and enjoyable writing and still I type it manually lol. I don’t used that anymore for typing is more adequate for me, those programs make a lot of mistakes that makes me more annoyed than enjoying it. Maybe it’s good for some people but I guess it just not works for me.
Again I write this to let you know the process of what I did. I write this to remind me also how I got it. How I begin to enjoy writing. And hope not to bored you to death. Simple tips from this post is that I tried to write one post a day. Don’t push yourself to much. If you don’t know what to write and have no idea on topics, just don’t write at all until you realized it’s okay to write it because YOU are the only one who decided to post it or not later on. For me, I will post it anyway.
And hey,once again it’s not even 1 hour yet and I have manage to write this. And still not gaining any dollars yet (even though I needed fast).