If You Don’t Know What To Do

Millions of people have been through this point in life, thinking about what to

do next and how to do it and still worried that the things to do is right or wrong. It’s not the common right or wrong, but it’s more to the decision that impacted our life.


I tell You why it happens, sometimes You have doing things in routine and You don’t even think when You do it or why You do it. It just everyday tasks and You doing it automatically. And in some point You stop and think about it and there’s nothing. Like if there’s a meaning in doing it or not. Then You feel that You don’t have anything good or meaningful to do in Your life. You start to drown in your thought, feeling miserable and depressed. You become moody, and frustrated.


Don’t worry, You are not alone. Your friends and families seems to have better in life, but if You know the truth, they don’t. It just looks like that but they don’t. Trust me on this. But comparison it’s not what You are looking here. Others may have better life, better conditions and seems happier than You. But they have come to the point where You are right now and still might in the same position. (You just can not see it).


First thing You should do when it happened, just relax, calmed your mind and just take a deep breath. How depressed we are, and how frustrating the condition, just have a seat, don’t think. Again, don’t think.


Another thing that you could do in the situation like this, is just doing Your routine, one that You can do and do not have to think it over. The automatically routine (sorry) crap that You do everyday. Sometime it will make You forget about Your miserable life for a while. Well it’s better than doing nothing right.  (Hopefully it’s a productive one).


Just keep in mind that even if You’re not doing anything, doesn’t mean that You are guilty or anything. Some people may just sit back,relax, have a drink or just lit a cigarette. Things that You see in coffee shop everyday. It’s normal and people needs time to just not do anything.


Others may have use this time as a time to meditate

and workout. It’s better if You can manage things like that, it helps to calm Your mind and tuning up Your energy. But not all people have the necessary basic to do that. (Workout seems a bit convenient).


If, after all the above things You can do in the situation and You still feel miserable and depressed. Then maybe You should think… now it’s time to think. But You should think about Your hobby or anything that You like to do (commonly the thing that in everyday routine You can’t) such as, join in a marathon race, riding a bike to the beach, gathering to Your club (cars, bike or whatever). Even doing a charitable things should be nice.


All of that things will make You feel better. And by feeling better, You can focus again on Your life and get prioritized on what Your next step in life would be.


For whatever reason it still get You stuck. Then it’s only logical thing to do is sleep it over. Just sleep alright. Get a good sleep and don’t think about anything.  And if it’s still not working, just re-do the things that I told You earlier, repeat it if necessary.
Have a great life, and do not think of anything bad. That should help.