Free Diamonds, Clovers and Gold in LINE: Let’s Get Rich

Ever play monopoly game ? I bet 90% of all people in the entire globe has played the game. It’s a classic board game that takes 2-4 people to play. It’s fun and exciting to learn how to build your wealth assets.

LINE as a communication platform (besides whatsapp , telegram and other text communication online) launch this game through the developer Netmarble. Basically it’s a monopoly game without the physical board and put some twist a bit to make it interesting. One feature that make the game exciting is the option to enhance any chosen character that we used in the game.

Just try to play the game and see for yourself so I do not have to explain everything here. Who knows, you could be addicted to it.

The problems are common to other games, we need 1 clover to play 1 game , 1 clover to resolve the 1 rubik cube (to get interesting items to enhance your characters). Yes they use the clover leafs not coins. We need gold coins to process the enhancement of characters, we need gold coins to add character booster, and to buy / enhance the dice (yes, dice enhancement and the various type of it). There also diamonds that we need to buy dice, character card (random cards) and buy more clover and gold coins. Diamonds here is the main culprit to get the best of this game.

So how do we get more of those ?

After playing for some time now, I get this game going on and on without worrying to buy diamonds , coins and clovers. This is how I did:

1. Find forum and thread or facebook fan page about this game, get in / sign up to all of it then add as many active player as you can find there. You don’t have to worry about get your LINE full of people you don’t know (change their name with some signs to let you know which from the forum eg. Add LGR after the names).

2. Start the game and begin to send clovers to them, usually active player will send you clovers back in no time because they get mileage to open the jackpot bonus too. (This is why you will never run out of clovers)

3. If you got a lot of mileage, then you can open more jackpot bonuses and it will give you from gold, diamonds and character enhancement boost / pendants).

4. Do not use the mileage until promotions come up (especially promotion on jackpot bonuses). It will give us more chance to win lots of diamonds and high class pendants and s / s+ character cards.

5. Repeat those steps everytime you play.

Guaranteed endless diamonds, golds and clovers. I put some screen shot of my account. Enjoy playing…