5 Simple Tips To Lose Weight

The reason I put the video here is for comparison. You see that so many weight loss tips and programs out there is too much. People get tired of it and even bored. I got bored in 3 minutes tops on the video lol.

So many people gain weight easily and trying so hard to lose it. They even paid a lot of money to do so. With so many programs including training and exercises and adding to that is a diet program, nutritional food, supplements and calorie burning pills. There are literally hundreds of methods on the internet regarding this.

I myself can not keep up with the information that is so overwhelming. But I have some tips that we can all do with ease.

Overweight is basically happened when we can not anticipated our lifestyle. But this can be avoided if we realised what caused it.

Change our habit doesn’t necessarily change our lifestyle as a whole. We just need to modify it a bit and keep the lifestyle as it is. Something to become a habit is a process of doing something in minimal 3 months time. Better if it become permanent (if you want to lose weight permanently).

Some habits that we need to adjust is:

  1. First and most importantly, is to set up your mind setting. If you want to know more about this mind setting about our self image then watch this (repeatedly if you have to). Try to remember this and build your self image everyday.
  1. Drink mineral water. This one is pretty common, almost all diet programs suggested this. But the hard part is, to change our thinking and desire about other drinks. My simple strategy is, whenever there are options in front of you, keep in mind that other drinks are not healthy (always said this to yourself ). Even though fresh juices are healthy (this is just to train your habit).
  1. Always, always and always chew your food (whatever it is) minimal of 27 times before swallowing it down your throat. It will make the food is easily digested to your body and this will make you “feel” full for a several spoon take. (Normally we will stop eating if we feel our stomach is full).
  1. Walk anywhere if the destination is close by. You can cheat this by walking around the mall if you don’t like the heat. Make this as a supporting habit to easily burn several calories. Use apps from your smartphone if needed (well, it’s called a smartphone for a reason), to count your steps.
  1. Exercising, go to gym , do some yoga, etc. Find the activities that you like the most. Do not over do it. Just go with the flow. You do not have to if you choose not to but it helps for strengthening your muscles.

That’s it. Those are the basics of habitual thing that you have to do to lose your weight. Habits are the thing that make us fat / overweight so changing the habits will eventually make your weight slightly reduced.

Feel free to add more to this habits.