Super 8 the camera and the movie

I just finished watching Super 8, out of curiosity about the movie. When the movie goes out in 2011, I must have missed it somehow or I did not see the promotion about it. As I browsing through movies in the list, then it just grab my attention, hey I never saw this one. Wondering why they put the title “super 8” as my mind think it’s about 8 kids and have super powers or something, turns out dead wrong.

The movie is pretty well directed and the plot will keep us stay on the screen, because curiosity and intense really get the audience’s nerve, what will come next ? what are they thinking ? what is it about ? this kind of wondering is very cool, and I liked it. Maybe lots of people already seen the movie but for those who have not seen it, this movie is very recommended.

Do not expect that I will tell You about the story or the genre of this movie, You can find that out yourself either by searching for the synopsis or even better if  You watch it yourself. This is only the experience that I encounter while browsing movies from years ago.

Elle Fanning is there , even AJ Michalka also there (Aly & AJ), along with other big name there from the producer and the director. So I think it’s worth it.