Adventure of The USS Nathan James

From the novel by William Brinkley and Executive Producer Michael Bay  , come the adventure of a destroyer ship USS Nathan James. The movie is directed by Peter Weller. Yes “the Robocop” that once we saw when we were kids. It’s now on Season 2 episodes, so far the storyline is a bit smooth, unlike the other outbreak movie theme that tends to be boring after 2-3 seasons because the story simply not growing.

I personally like the movie because it’s the Navy (there you have it), the military equipment, the operational structure of a hierarchy in the chain of commands, and the plot itself is developing and not easily predictable. It’s quite unique when seeing an adventure of a ship in the world that has been devastated by deadly virus. They don’t have country anymore, everybody for themselves, only trying to survived. Well, the crew of the ship got more advantageous because they have the proper training and can function as a solid group.  Even with so many angles that they can exposed, but they consistent with the theme, soldiers, weapons, tactics, so we can expect lots of shooting and explosions. (action and thriller is what this movie is about).

It become more intense when USS Nathan James got it’s nemesis, the Ajax class British submarine, the HMS Achilles commanded by a megalomaniac (as I say it) who wants to take advantage of the virus outbreak situation by gathering naturally immune people and make the world for themselves (just like the Hitler so long ago with the races supremacy). It slightly differ from the original plot of the novel, where in the novel, the USS Nathan James is trying to survived from the nuclear fallout. The movie series is changing the fallout to a deadly virus instead. Maybe fighting a fallout just not tense enough to make a screening and rating.

The scene when USS Nathan James counter missile strike launches by the Achilles was awesome. Even in the story they just got 2 missiles down out of 26 fired by the Achilles.


This is when the Achilles fired 26 missiles all at once in sequenced.

Untitled-3 copy

This is when USS Nathan James tried to counter those missiles with SM-3

Some people may not like war or battle movie like this, but the fact is, world is evolving with war and battles and developing military arsenal is the defense mechanism that could save million lives (assuming there are megalomaniac emerging) and it’s not impossible I might say.

I enjoyed the series up until now, because there are many elements of plot that can be developed by the writer. Rhona Mitra also played a major role in the series, and she could become so cold blooded too. Just as the character Dr. Rachel Scott give IV transfusion to Niels (played by Ebon Moss-Bachrach) and calmly watched Niels dying in agony, that was so cool. Well, Niels is a very bad guy and He deserved what comes to Him. It just one scene from many that I love about the series.

Hope you enjoy it too.

Starring: Eric Dane, Adam Baldwin, Rhona Mitra, Charles Parnell, Sam Spruell, Travis Van Winkle, Marissa Neitling and Christina Elmore and many more.