Longevity Secret by Agnes Fenton

Born Agnes Jones on August 1, 1905, in Holly Springs, Mississippi, she once diagnosed with tumor 70 years ago. What surprisingly to us that the doctor gave her some odd advice to her.

“He said, ‘Agnes, you must drink three Miller High Lifes a day’.”

She just follow that advice until today.

She enjoyed 3 glass of beers (Miller High Lifes)  and a glass of whiskey (Blue Label Johnny Walker she preferred) every day. That’s her secret of having long life time span.

Also there something more important that make all that longevity, She said that She believed in God in her entire life completely and never complains about life despite of ups and down.

“He gave me a long life and a good life, and I have nothing to complain about. … You’ve got to have God in your life. Without God, you’ve got nothing.”

The God part is the most important thing in her longevity, let just face it, people with mental problems such stress, anger, and emotional unstable are unlikely will end up in the hospital with so many illness and died of young ages. So, having no stress at all and lots of gratitude in life will make your mind body and soul be calm and balanced, so this must make your life longer.